Synchronous lifting device Quadro 60

The synchronous lifting device secures synchronous lifting or lowering of loads regardless of weight distribution. It has been designed specifically for four of our standard toe jacks, max. models V15 / V15EX, which results in a total lifting capacity of up to 60t.

The toe jacks can be set to the desired positions individually from the control panel, in case of diVering loading heights, and then be raised synchronously. The operation is carried out via an electric pump with remote Control. The toe jacks are connected via 8 m long hoses, which are stored on four hose reels, equipped with an automatic retraction system.

The system includes a heavy-duty trolley.


Quadro 60

Item number

13826 *

Max. load capacity

600 kN (60t) **

Working pressure

520 bar

Compatible with four toe jacks each

For GKS toe jacks V5 to V15 and V5-EX to V15-EX

Hydraulic unit

Electric pump PE  ***

Dimensions (L x W x H)

2000 x 800 x 1480 mm

Hose connection

4 x 8 m ****
Total weight 400 kg *****

* Toe jacks are not included with the supply

** Depending on the size of the toe jack

*** Other pump sizes are possible

**** Custom lengths available on request, depending on hose connection, coup¦ing + quick-release fastener

***** Depending on accessories / toe Jacks