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custom made

Custom-made products or special solutions require more than just experience. We are aware that we are setting the world's most difficult values ​​in motion. So that this can be done safely and in the best possible way, we develop the optimal solution in close cooperation with you and your team, with the help of which you can position your loads comfortably and precisely.

Over the past few decades we have been able to implement numerous special solutions for our customers.

Almost all global players move their loads with us.

That makes us more than proud.

You are welcome to contact us specifically for references from your area.

There are certainly comparable approaches that we have already implemented.

We look forward to your very individual challenge.

Hydraulic lifting and driving for trailers

TL40 chassis with hydraulic adjustment of the travel direction

80 t cable reels transport trolley F40 + TL40 special

Transport chassis for aircraft tugs

ROBOT-40 with attached platform and laser path monitoring

F60 + TL60 with customer-speci fi c load supports

Chassis set HF25 / HL25 up to 50 t load with hydraulic roller compensation

Heavy-duty trolley F / TL 100 for a transport capacity of up to 200 t

 Lifting device with extra high lift for 2 t load

F6 chassis with parking brake

Special TL12 tandem chassis for a maximum load of 12 t

Synchronous lifting system mounted on rotating trolleys with extra high lift and parking brake