Tranport System for heavy loads up to 44,000 lbs / 20 Tons



  • Remote control: Simultaneous forward/backward pushing of the controller moves the ROBOT forward/backward. Proportional speed control. Turning of the L-ROBOT on the spot under the load is possible. Interferences of other frequencies are detected, in which case the control unit switches off automatically.
  • Options: Quick charger (4 h), charging station for wall mounting, transport box, set of spare batteries, toe jack V15 with extended stroke (10.6 " / 270 mm).
  • Depending on the weight of the load and the number of starting-up/stopping procedures, operating time varies between 60 and 90 min.
  • Use of Li-Po-batteries (easy to recycle) for safety reasons.
  • Easy battery replacement through plug-in system, even under load.
  • Scope of delivery includes 2 standard chargers (12 h recharging time).




* depending on the starting-up/stopping procedures

** use a locking device to prevent inadvertent rolling at gradients