Remotely operated and battery operated transport system ROBOT

The remotely operated transport sytems ROBOT 40 and ROBOT 20 are used for internal logistics or in an assembly line. Loads up to 40 t can be moved autonomously. Depending on the individual situation, the batteries will run up to 90 min. The ROBOT allows simultaneous driving and steering. It's ready-to-use delivered and independent from any external energy sources. The well proven 3-point support, consisting of the L-ROBOT in front and the F trolley as a rear support, allows easy and secure driving.

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ROBOT 40 Synchron Liftup



ROBOT40 in Action

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Moving heavy equipment up to 88,000 lbs / 40t safely and autonomous with the remote-operated, battery-operated transport system GKS-PERFEKT ROBOT 40

  • Moving Heavy loads independently from external power sources like electricity, hydraulics or compressed air through trendsetting lithium-polymer battery technology.
  • Ready to use.
  • Clear transport driveway for increased safety (no hydraulic or pneumatic hoses or power cords are blocking the driveway).
  • Simultaneous steering and driving.

  • Secure positioning of the ROBOT 40 from the distance by the remote control.
  • Battery packs are exchangeable at the front of the dolly during operation. No need for any towing device.
  • Low loading height of 9.8" / 250 mm.

  • Maximum load capacity is 88,000 lbs / 40 tons.

The drive concept of the transport system GKS-PERFEKT ROBOT40

  • Advanced, remote controlled and battery-operated drive units, positioned on the sides of an L-ROBOT. The F-Trolley is functioning as the rear axle using our approved 3-point support.
  • A DC motor (24V / 1.5 kW) on each side of the L-ROBOT drives the specially developed drive wheels (2x per side) via an angular gearbox. The contact pressure on the ground is generated by the load.
  • The DC motor is driven by the Li-Polymer battery, integrated at the front side.
  • The portable remote control allows two speeds and proportional speed control.

Advantages of the GKS-PERFEKT ROBOT 40 Transport System 

  • No dependencies on external power sources. No need for hydraulic or pneumatic hoses or power cords.
  • Ready to use.
  • Simultaneous steering and driving.
  • Secure positioning of the ROBOT 40 from the distance by the remote control.
  • No hoses or cords on the trolley.
  • Total load capacity of 88,000 lbs / 4t (ROBOT40 and Trolley F20).

Advantages of our Lithium-Polymer Battery – using a trendsetting and eco-friendly technology

  • Operating time: Between 60 and 90 min, depending on the weight of the load and the number of starting-up/stopping procedures.
  • 2 light-weight, compact and fast-changeable battery packs with a full rating of 24V/60 Ah each.
  • Full capacity of 60 Ah during start-up and until end at reduced battery capacity.
  • The battery packs can be exchanged during operation.
  • Option 1: Set of replacement batteries.
  • Option 2: Quick-charger for max. 4-5h. charging time (not affecting battery lifetime).
  • Option 3: External power supply unit for on going power supply of the ROBOT 40 via a cord.
  • No "Memory-effect".
  • Recyclable (contains no heavy metals).