Tranport System for heavy loads up to 22000 lbs / 10 Tons



The driving power comes from a lithium-polymer battery, with 24V / 80 Ah and is passed down to two brushless DC motors through a programmable motor control with a power of 930W each. The torque is transmitted to the drive wheels through a transmission box and gearing. Signals are transmitted from the remote control to the motor control via a CAN-Bus and the current operating state is shown on the display. The overall system consists of a driven steerable L-ROBOT and the non-driven rigid F-ROBOT. Thus, from a proven 3-point suport. The system operates at two speeds: 36 feet/min. and 18 feet/min (11 and 5,5 m/min.)




Remote control unit and Exact Straight Driving mode


Switching from manual to exact straight driving through a lever. Exact straight driving forward / backward is then possible with a single lever. Notice the "sync" message on the display. In addition, the temperature of the two controllers of the motor control is displayed.



* depending on the starting-up/stopping procedures

** use a locking device to prevent inadvertent rolling at gradients

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice