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Repairs / UVV

Repair / UVV inspection

  • Safety for personnel and the goods to be lifted is the top priority when lifting heavy loads.
  • It is therefore imperative to adhere to the prescribed dates for the UVV inspection.
  • Send us your lifting device free of charge.
  • We carry out the annual UVV test in accordance with DGUV regulation 54. This includes the visual, crack and functional test of the lifting device and the renewal of the test sticker if there are no defects. An oil change is also carried out and the seals and valves are replaced.
  • If it is found that repairs are necessary, you will receive a non-binding cost estimate.
  • Bring your devices back to a perfect, safe condition. The device leaves our factory "like new" and you are on the safe side vis-à-vis the employers' liability insurance association.