This way you can handle each curve:
Tandem Transporter TL30 with steering cylinder
Maximum load 300 kN (66,000 lbs / 30 t)

Long and bulky loads, e.g. injection molding machines, can also be moved through narrow curves using a combination of a steerable L-suspension and this tandem transporter. A lock over the bolts results in straight-ahead driving, while without the lock, two steering cylinders can be adjusted up to 45° using an attached hand pump. Even the use of a rigid F-transporter is possible without any problems. Another option is a battery powered ROBOT-40 transport system in combination with this tandem transporter acting as a steerable follower. With the ROBOT-remote control, a person can move a load of up to 40-50 tons without the use of additional towing vehicles.




We also look at what's around the corner:
A completely moveable transport platform
Loads up to 150 kN (33,000 lbs / 15 t)

This transport platform with all-wheel steering makes it possible to drive through tight curves with a small turning radius. The steer radius of +/- 45° allows for complete movement. Two Tandem landing gears with parallelogram linkages are mechanically coupled. The created platform, which measures 35.4 x 59.1 inches (900 x 1500 mm), is enough space to move, for example, an entire diesel engine. A pull rod with a drawbar eye can be attached at the front and back, so that the shunting/transport can also take place in a confined space.




Technical description for exact straight driving

The driving power comes from 2 lithium-polymer batteries, each 24V and is passed down to two asynchronous motors through a programmable motor control with a power of 1.5 kW each. The torque is transmitted to the drive wheels through a transmission box and gearing. Signals are transmitted from the remote control to the motor control via a CAN-Bus. Current operating state is shown on the display. The overall system consists of a driven steerable L-ROBOT and the non-driven rigid F-ROBOT. Thus, from a proven 3-point suport.

Sender remote control unit 

Switching from manual to exact straight driving through a lever. Exact straight driving forward / backward is then possible with a single lever (right). Notice the "sync" message on the display.

Technical Specifications



Item Number




2 x AC Motor (24V / 1500W)


Battery Type



Operating Time*

120 min


Reversing Signal



Incline max.**

3 %


Loading Height / no. of Wheels

9.8" (250 mm) / 4 + 8, 6.1/3.1" Wide (154/76 mm)

9.8" (250 mm) /  16, 3.1" Wide (76 mm)

Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)

45.5 x 68.8 x 9.8"

(1156 x 1748 x 250 mm)


Contact Surface per Cassette

12.6 x 12.6"

(320 x 320 mm)

12.2 x 149"

(310 x 379 mm)

Connecting Rod, adjustable


29.8 - 62.9"

(758  – 1600 mm)

Total Weight

1014 lbs (460 kg)

308 lbs (140  kg)

Load Capacity

200 kN / 44,000 lbs (20 t)

200  kN / 44,000 lbs (20 t )

Max. Load Capacity


kN / 88,000 lbs (40t)

* depending on the starting-up/stopping procedures

** use a locking device to prevent inadvertent rolling at gradients

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice


PSU to operate the ROBOT at 400V three-phase

To operate the ROBOT over a three-phase 400V plug (INPUT), there is an optionally power supply unit consisting of two power supply units, each with 24V and 100Ah OUTPUT. The ROBOT system can work over 24V DC cable without built-in batteries. Suitable for stationary use, e.g in assembly lines.