Hydraulic low-rise Jack (up to 5t)




Compact size, low weight, 11,000 lbs (5t) full load capacity. This jack is suitable for low-build machines with metal covering. With the combination of a hydraulic hose, quick-release fasteners and a PV-K hand pump, any difficult accessible position can be lifted. Up to 2 jacks connectable. Your first choice if safety is of importance and if the lifting should be done from a distance. The use of a screwed guideway diminishes wear and the components are easy to change.




Full Load Capacity 50 kN / 11,000 lbs (5 t)
Lifting Height 1.2" (30 mm)
Loading Height
Toe (min) 0.6" (15 mm)
Top Plate 3.8" (97 mm)
Working Pressure 7,542 psi (520 bar)
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.1x5.2x3.8" (180x132x97 mm)
Weight 15 lbs (7 kg)
Item Number 13701