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GKS lifting systems and transport systems

for heavy loads up to 200 tons

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As a pioneer since 1967, we have made difficult things easy for you!


The name stands as a pioneer in the industry GKS-PERFEKT for over 50 years for a complete, well-rounded program for the safe lifting and easy transport of heavy loads. Our hydraulic lifting devices and transport trolleys solve a wide variety of tasks of all sizes in heavy load transport worldwide.

Made in Germany

Our products are MADE IN GERMANY. 

We produce certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.

This is how we ensure that you always receive the best quality.

GKS lifting devices / machine jacks

GKS-PERFEKT hydraulic lifting devices meet the highest quality standards. The hydraulic jacks have been tried and tested worldwide for decades, they are robust and have a particularly long service life. Our lifting devices are 100% checked and tested before delivery. In this way we guarantee perfect functionality. The customer receives a practical lifting device for universal use at any location, whether in the company, in the workshop, on open ground, in the workshop or in the depot.



• High quality material
• Precision guides
• Our proven forged and height-adjustable safety strap with a high safety margin and one-hand operation
• Approval mark DGUV regulation 54 (, ANSI / ASME (USA)
• Modular design for easy service
• Lifetime technical support

Transport trolleys

Manufactured to the highest quality standards GKS-PERFEKT Transport trolleys up to 120 tons have been tried and tested around the world for many decades. The set, consisting of the steerable trolley L and the fixed trolley F, offers a perfect solution for safe transport thanks to the 3-point support.

Rotary trolleys

The GKS-PERFEKT Rotary trolleys are available for loads from 1 to 12 tons. Thanks to the special bearing construction, the rotary trolleys are particularly easy to move and can be rotated through 360 ° on the spot. 3 or 4 trolleys are used together. A combination with the L / F / TL trolleys is possible depending on the situation / requirement.

Remote controlled transport system ROBOT

With the radio-controlled transport systems ROBOT-40, ROBOT-20 and ROBOT-10, loads of up to 40 tons can be moved with radio remote control for the purpose of in-house heavy load transport or in assembly logistics. The built-in lithium-ion batteries allow operation for up to 4 hours of driving time. The ROBOT is designed for simultaneous steering and driving. The proven three-point support as a combination of the L-ROBOT at the front and the traveling F-chassis as the "rear axle" enables safe and easy driving. From now on also with exact straight-line stability and lifting / rotating plate.

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Worldwide dealer network

Ohio Office, USA

From our branch in Springfield, Ohio, USA, we supply the United States, Canada and South America.