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Lifting device V5KK-EX
5 t full load capacity

Features of the hydraulic jack / machine jack V5KK-EX

  • Extremely low construction for machines with cladding
  • Compact dimensions, low overall height, low weight but 50 kN full load. This lifting device is ideally suited for low-built machines with sheet metal cladding. A hand pump type PV-K for up to 2 jacks and a hydraulic hose with a quick-release coupling can also be used to lift in hard-to-reach places. When it comes to occupational health and safety and the load must not be lifted directly, this hydraulic jack is the first choice. The technology with a screwed sliding guide results in little wear and the components can be easily replaced.
  • Without own hydraulics








Technical data V5KK-EX

designation Values
item number 13701
Full load kN / t 50 / 5
Working pressure bar 520
Smallest attachment height by means of a bracket mm 15
Lifting height mm 30
Max. Lifting height of bracket 1 mm 45
Attachment height by means of head plate mm 97
External dimensions (L x W x H) mm 160 x 164 x 97
Dead weight in kg 7,4