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Lifting device V15
15 t full load capacity

Features of the hydraulic jack / machine jack V15

  • Forged safety tab made of high-strength, tempered material
  • The forging results in a very high safety margin (exceeds EU regulation 2006/42 / EC)
  • A pin on the back ensures that it is correctly attached
  • Doubling / multiplying the load capacity by using two or more lifting devices. When using the hand pump PV, electric pump PE or the Quadro Synchron printing unit, operation by one person is possible.
  • Same load on head plate and bracket. 








Technical data V15

designation Values
item number 10183
Full load kN / t 150 / 15
Working pressure bar 520
Smallest attachment height by means of a bracket mm 25
Lifting height mm 160
Adjustability of the strap 4 x
Attachment height by means of head plate mm 318
External dimensions (L x W x H) mm 403 x 320 x 318
Dead weight in kg with oil filling 52,0