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Electric hydraulic pump PE2

Features of the PE2 electric hydraulic pump

  • Like PE and additionally with a 2-way distributor block with 2 couplings and 2 shut-off valves for sensitive lifting and lowering




Technical data PE2

designation Values
item number 13591
Working pressure (preset) to CE standards
Flow rate 1st stage 7 bar 2,5 l / min
Flow rate 2st stage 520 bar 0,3 l / min
Tank capacity * 4,7 l
External dimensions (L x W x H) 434x296x493 mm
Dead weight with oil (without hoses) 36 kg
Hose (3 m), quick release fastener 2
Electrical connection 230 V / Hz 50
For GKS lifter type 2 x V5, V5-EX, V5K-EX, G5, V10, V10K, V10-EX, V15, V20, V30-EX

* Option 9,5 l tank