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GKS demonstration room

See our devices in action

In addition to introducing our company, we would like to introduce you to the practical application possibilities of individual devices from our range on this page.

This page is continuously updated and expanded. So please stop by often!

GKS lifting systems and transport systems

In this short film, we not only present them to you different device types before, with you GKS-PERFEKT in solving almost every transport problem in the heavy-duty sector, but also show you various examples the Collaboration of the lifting systems with the transport systems.


The radio controlled transport system "ROBOT" for loads up to 40 tons is used by over 200 customers worldwide to their complete satisfaction. Up to 4 hours of use, which is achieved without external energy sources through the use of high-quality lithium-ion batteries, there are countless possible uses for the innovator from GKS.

More information is available here: Click me

Hydraulic lifting devices / machine jacks

The hydraulic lifting equipment GKS-PERFEKT can lift loads up to 60 tons. The machine jacks can be used in almost any location. she becomes for decades used worldwide and are characterized by Robustness and durability the end. It goes without saying that all lifting devices are carefully checked before delivery to ensure that they always function properly.

You can find an overview of our jacks here: Click me!


The mechanical pumps for our hydraulic jacks have an ergonomic hand lever, a Safety valve as well as a practical handle. The tank is an all-metal construction, which further improves safety.

Our electric pumps are equipped with a pressure gauge, remote control and a large tank. A 4-way distributor block can be used as an option.

You can find the pumps here: Click me!

GKS-PERFEKT Rotary trolleys

Rotary trolleys GKS-PERFEKT can be used for loads up to 12 tons. One connection for one Connecting rod or handlebars is available, as well as a non-slip waffle rubber pad. The rotary trolleys have a powder coating that permanently protects the surface. All trolleys are equipped with the tried and tested GKS-ALPERFEKT or GKS-ALPERFEKT-PREMIUM rollers. 

All rotary trolleys at a glance: Click me!

GKS-PERFEKT Transport trolleys

The proven transport trolleys from GKS-PERFEKT can for loads up to 120 tons can be used. A high level of stability is achieved through the distortion-free welded construction achieved in connection with the most modern production methods. The rollers also contribute to the easy handling low rolling resistance and a low weight. 

You can find all of our transport trolleys here: Click me!

GKS-PERFEKT Container chassis

With the container chassis from GKS-PERFEKT containers with a weight of up to 40 tons can be moved safely. The chassis always consist of a fixed part and a steerable part. Special pins secure the load. 

This way to the container chassis: Click me!

GKS-PERFEKT - The Company

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Pictures of our devices in use

With our devices, a wide variety of tasks can be carried out safely and easily.

Here are some examples: