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Our products

The name stands as a pioneer in the industry GKS-PERFEKT since 1967 for a completely rounded program for the safe lifting and easy transport of heavy loads. Our hydraulic lifting devices and transport trolleys solve a wide variety of tasks of all sizes for in-house heavy load transport worldwide.

As a certified company according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015, we produce using the most modern manufacturing methods and thus achieve a high and consistent quality standard.
Every lifting and transport device goes through a series of tests before delivery. The jacks are delivered with a test certificate and sticker for the next service appointment. Our transport trolleys are all powder-coated instead of painted.

You receive a five-year guarantee on our products when used as intended, taking into account our currently valid conditions except ROBOT (guarantee depends on the charging cycles (400)). Our products are delivered ready to use. Our lifting devices bear the 5-year warranty test mark / CE (the Twinlifter has a two-year guarantee).